About Me

Welcome to A Color Adventure!
I suppose you’d like to know a little about me…

I’ve always been a creative person. In the high school days it was wheel thrown pottery. Back then, I always hoped one day to have a pottery wheel and kiln in my basement (vetoed by the folks...). Later on I experimented with die-cut paper crafting, and I’ve created several random, mixed media art pieces that now grace the walls of my home and those of my family. Several years back, I picked up a paintbrush. I had some canvas lying around (intended for a project I never managed to get to), and six tubes of brightly colored acrylic paint. One day I started pushing the paint around on the canvas, and well, that’s where my “adventure” started.

I am a huge fan of bright, vivid colors. If you were to visit my home, you’d notice that the entire house is neutral. Walls, floors, carpet, etc. Everything IN my house, however, is an explosion of bright colors.

I spend most of my art-time now creating digitally. Never (ok, rarely) neutral, I create bright, whimsical abstract art designed to add a smile and a big pop of color to any room. All of my digital work is created exclusively using an iPad. My vibrant digital paintings evolve using various combinations of a dozen or more digital art apps, each of them adding a different dimension to the piece. Some begin with a photo I've taken - more for the colors in the photo than the subject matter, some materialize from a random thought or idea.  Others are spawned from previous pieces. A computer is used to facilitate printing of my work, but is not used in its creation.

The nature of digital art allows my work to be reproduced onto a wide variety of substrates. The most stunning results are on high gloss aluminum, so bold that the images appear to be back-lit (just ask the show patrons who peek behind them! This is one of my favorite things to see).  On a smaller scale, traditional paper prints are available. Additional custom items such as phone cases, cutting boards, fleece blankets and pillows are available, and make wonderful, unique gifts.  Every new canvas – traditional or digital – is a color adventure!

Someone once asked what inspires me.
I replied “I paint my daydreams”

Thank you for taking the time to visit, please get in touch if you have any questions!