common questions

I see something I like. Can it be made larger or smaller?
In most cases, yes it can. Any of my artwork can be scaled up or down (to a point.) Just remember that - for example - if the image you like is shown as a rectangle, it will scale up or down as a rectangle. If the image you like is shown as square, it will remain square.
I want a cutting board but I don't see one with the artwork I like on it.
Great! Please use the contact form, note the item number of the artwork you like, and let me know. I'd be pleased to work with you on a custom order.
Is it OK to actually cut on the cutting boards?
Yes! They are intended to be used. You won't scratch the image, as it's showing through from back-to-front. The boards are also heat safe and may be used as a trivet.
Are the cutting boards dishwasher safe?
Technically yes they are, however if you don't want to lose the rubber feet, you're better off to hand wash, with a non-abrasive rag.
How to clean metal prints?
Use a soft cloth and some non-ammonia glass cleaner
Do you ship?
Yep. Domestic only right now.
How are shipping rates calculated?
Shipping rates are carrier-calculated
What is the turn around time for custom orders?
Depends on the order. Most things I can have completed and ready to ship within a couple of days. Custom ordered extra large metal prints can take a little longer.
Do you have a studio where I can see your work in person?
I do not, but if there's something specific you'd like to see, contact me and we can arrange that.
What about art shows?
I usually participate in a couple of shows each year, around the midwest. I'll post info about them as I have it
Where else can I purchase your work?
You can shop Facebook or Instagram as well as here on the web!